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The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports hosted an official release of the May/June 2019 examination results in Montserrat on Friday August 8, 2019 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

The ceremony brought together the CXC Registrar – Dr. Wayne Wesley, the Senior Manager Examination Development Mr. Alton McPherson and Mrs. Dianne Medford – Manager Examinations Administration.  The local officials included the Honorable Premier Mr. Donaldson Romeo, other Government Ministers, Ministry of Education Officials, other Department heads and senior officers.  Parents and students of the graduating class were also in attendance.

Mrs. Mildred Chalmers opened the session with her rendition of the territorial song.  The feature address was presented by the Hon Premier who read the Minister of Education’s message.  Remarks were given by the CXC Registrar and the symbolic presentation of the results presented to the Honourable Premier.   Additional performances were provided by the Genisys Steel Orchestra and a lovely song rendition by a combined youth group.

MONTSERRAT SECONDARY SCHOOL (MSS) Graduation ceremony Class of 2019

The Montserrat Secondary School held its annual graduation ceremony on July 3, 2019 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre Auditorium.  Sixty students graduated from the class of 2019.  Ms. Nickeisha Scotland most was outstanding and attained the valedictorian for the class of 2019.  

The ceremony was chaired by Ms. Jasmine Jno–Baptise and the key note speaker was Ms. Linda Dias. The overall report on the school’s performance was presented by the Principal Mrs. Cherlyn Hogan.   Entertainment for the evening was provided by the MSS Music Students and the DSS Dancers.

Numerous awards were presented to students of the graduating class varying from ‘Most Outstanding’ student in different academic subjects to Leadership awards, Sports and Theatre Arts awards.   

The evening ended with a vote of thanks from 2019 graduate Ms. Tiffany Weekes.

Nurses AssociationAwards Dinner and Banquet

On June 29, 2019 the Nurses Association on Montserrat hosted an Awards Dinner and Banquet at the Montserrat Cultural Centre Auditorium.  The Association used the opportunity to demonstrate its gratitude to a group of nurses on Montserrat who have contributed to the wellbeing and social development of Montserrat over a number of years.

The following nurses were given awards in respect of the following categories: –

For 20 years of service to the profession and for their contribution to the Nurses Association: –

  1. Brenda Daley
  2. Noleen Meade
  3. Lystra Fagan
  4. Shaumen Gray
  5. Jeanette Lee
  6. Paula Pollard

For dedicated service: –

  1. Violet Browne
  2. Christine Layne
  3. Sonique Layne
  4. Mischelle Barnes
  5. Denise Ross
  6. Josephine Okereke

For their valuable support to the Health nursing staff at the Hospital the following persons were given gifts: –

  1. Naomi Farrell
  2. Arlene Ponteen
  3. Grethlyn West
  4. Helen Kirwan
  5. Mark McPhoy.

The Chairperson for the evening was Mrs. Lorraine Nanton.  The Government of Montserrat through Minister Claude Hogan was in high praises for the nurses and the dedicated work they continue to do for the people of Montserrat. 

Red Ensign Group (REG) Conference April 1 to April 5, 2019

Montserrat hosted its first ever Red Ensign Group Conference during the week April 1 to April 5, 2019 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre in the Sir George Martin Auditorium.  This conference brought together over 70 delegates and government representatives from United Kingdom, 9 delegates from the British Overseas Territories and 3 Crown Dependencies. One of the main purpose of the conference included discussion on matters related to best practices in order to enhance the performance of the British register in the international arena and to note and discuss the challenges of meeting the Coastal State obligations.  

Opening remarks were given by the Honourable Donaldson Romeo Premier, Special remarks by His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Andrew Pearce and special remarks by Ms. Katy Ware, the chairperson of the REG Conference.

Tribute to Dr. George Irish By Professor Howard A Fergus


In this sickly season when the smell of death

pervades the atmosphere, the passing

of Professor Irish creates a sad and gaping hole

more than six feet deep in the ranks of the good

and great of Montserrat. The usual euphemisms

like “called home” and “called up higher” cannot

disguise the earthquake, occasioned by his fall;

he left us with a burning ache in hearts

of family and friends, and the list is long,

accomplishments immense, traversing art, academy,

activism and the rights of genuine Montserratians,

and he was a practicing believer from early morning.

That elder Irish ended up in the pulpit is no surprise

to us acquainted with his pilgrim greening,

and his venerable grandmother; in many senses,

he was well rooted, local first before universal.

George has left us and has left us much. At a time

when “icon” is liberally distributed as klim

in our impoverished childhood, it seems beggarly

to so endow him, I dub him a Montserrat avatar

which carries spiritual overtones, in honour

of his enormous gifting which he generously

invested in his island home, attracting meagre

appreciation; his legacy is wide and long.

Versatile musician, he taught us how to sing our songs

of home and hope in tuneful melody,

and Montserratian voices gladdened the air

in Castro’s Cuba, Demerara, Antigua and America,

while birds hummed our songs in Trinidad

with echoes in Barbados. You could’t fence Irish in.

With his searching intellect, he taught their story

and their folkways to the people in palatable pieces,

this apostle of enlightenment; he gave new meaning

to popular education and community upliftment.

Irish taught all classes and conditions of people,

and made them teachers also, liberating learning

from traditional walls and broadened the classroom too.

Irish wrote his name on the trade union movement

clothing it in modern dress attracting youths,

and saw culture as spirit and lifestyle,

beyond goat water, masquerade and jumbie dance,

which he wisely elevated to the national stage,

to the condemnation of a myopic Plymouth elite.

George Irish was a pioneer, indeed a revolutionary;

it is a fake history that omits his role

in the Saint Patrick’s Day story, the attendant festival

and the economic whoop and holla; his nyam-nyam

evoking Africa, prototyped the now famous slave feast.

His activities are far-reaching and abiding;

he is our proud export to America, our treat.

If I am allowed a meaningful cliché, Dr. Irish

was a colossus worthy of our tears; his music

and the music of his life will resonate endless years.

Teacher Training “Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilient Education”

February 5 to 7th, 2019


The Montserrat Cultural Centre

The Ministry of Education will be hosting a workshop for both teachers and students at the Montserrat Cultural Centre on the February 5thto the 7th, 2019 aimed at re-designing the way teachers teach and how students learn with a view of promoting a learning culture of safety and resilience within the schools on Montserrat.

The objectives of the teacher and student training workshop includes:-

  • Building  life skills competencies ;
  • Reinforcing and promoting Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilient Education;
  • Promoting and engaging participatory approach on prioritizing of hazards in schools;
  • Enhancing the awareness and the ability to protect oneself and peers.

The focus will be upon the youths as the active subject who should be able to influence his or her own world, rather than adopting a passive approach to resilience and survival

Climate change adaptation in the fisheries of Anguilla and Montserrat.

CANARI is working in partnership with the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources – Anguilla, Fisheries and Ocean Resources Unit – Montserrat and the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies of the University of the West Indies to implement a 3-year project Climate Change adaptation in the fisheries of Anguilla and Montserrat.  

The CANARI representatives will be holding a 4 day workshop at the Montserrat Cultural Centre conference room with government agencies, civil society organisations and private sector representatives to integrate Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) in fisheries plans land policies and to work with the fisher folks and their organisations to build capacity for EAF land stewardship of coastal and marine resources, and also to consider similar initiatives that may be supported through small grants.

Musical Programme

A number of students inclusive of the National Youth Choir were today treated to a musical educational concert hosted by the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Montserrat Foundation through its on island representative Mr. Brian Hosefros.  

The children from the Montserrat Secondary School and from the Primary Schools were entertained by Evgeny Kuznetsov a pianist from Russia who is here as a guest of the Montserrat foundation.  The children were treated to classical music and were quite pleased to hear him play of the popular known soca song “Hot Hot Hot’ from the late Alphonsus “ Arrow” Cassell from Montserrat.

2018 Law Revision Conference: Embracing the Opportunities of Law Revision in Commonwealth Jurisdictions (3 & 4 July, 2018)

The Law Revision Centre was incorporated in Anguilla on 11 January 2007; with an Opening Ceremony on 28 September 2007 at its address: Hannah-Waver House, Caribbean Commercial Centre, The Valley, Anguilla.

The Law Revision Centre was established with financial support and logistics mainly of the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom Government (UK) …Visit to Find Out More

The Regional Law Revision Centre Inc.


The Bank of Montserrat continues its quest to raise its share capital in conjunction with the requirement of the 2015 Banking Act which stipulates that the Banks minimum paid up capital must be at a minimum of EC$20M. Management from the Bank have had many meetings around the country, including meetings with Government workers, the private sector and NGO’s. On Thursday June 7, 2018 from 4.30pm, the Banks Senior Management will be having a Seminar at the Montserrat Cultural Centre Conference Room where they will be discussing in greater detail about stocks, types of stocks, its benefits, risks, the process involved etc. This seminar is for everyone especially for those persons who are interested in investing but are still not familiar with the process and would like some clarity.