Six nationals were awarded at the 8 th National Honours and Awards Ceremony on
March 12, 2024, at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. The Order of Merit was
awarded to the following persons- Mr. Reginald Blake, Mr. Charles Emmanuel
White and Mr. Kelvin H. Duberry. The Order of Distinction awarded to Mr.
Bruce Farara and the Order of Excellence Awarded Dr. Yvonne Weekes and Mrs.
Sarita Francis OBE.

The Hon Premier Mr. Joseph E. Farrell in his brief opening remarks recognized
each of the awardee’s contribution to Montserrat’s development and congratulated
them on their achievements.

Entertainment during the evening included a vocal performance by Miss Claricia
Rodriguez Chambers, an instrumental by Mr. Lael Bradly Farrell, a dance by the
Next Level dancers, a dance performance by the Emerald Shamioles, one of the
local cultural masquerade dance groups on island. The final entertainment piece
was presented by Earl Hustler Browne who performed one of his local calypso

The vote of thanks was offered by Mrs. Daphne Cassell, the Permanent Secretary
for the Office of the Premier.