Concert and Show Rates

As of January 1, 2010
All Concerts/shows must be over by 2 am

Including reception area $300.00/hr
The rental of the auditorium includes:
Rehearsal and set up time up to 5 hours before the concert/show.
Seating of up to 200 on the ground level depending on the layout
Seating of 241 in the bleachers
Stage extensions
Back stage dressing room
Complete lighting AS IS
3 Phase power in 63 amps
Limited use of the Yamaha Sound System
Yamaha Grand Piano
Podium with 2 microphones
Extra Auditorium Costs:
Rehearsal timeChange of light settings with lighting techie

Live Band set up

Extra technicians (outside contract service)

$75.00/hr$150.00/ change$400.00



Extra Audio Equipment:
Microphones  $10.00/each
DVD Player  $20.00


Banquet and Wedding Rates

AS of January 1, 2010
All Banquets/Weddings must be done by 1am.

Including reception area and terrace $300/hr
The rental of auditorium also includes:
Set-up time up to 6 hours before the wedding
Seating of up to 150 persons around tables
20 Round Tables
20 6’ Tables
Limited use of Yamaha Sound System
Podium w/2 Microphones
Stage Extensions
Extra Auditorium Costs:
Rehearsal Time
Extra External Lighting
Terrace Tents w/lights
Bar Facilities
Including use of one (1) stove and one (1) freezer
Wares and Linen Rental:
Tablecloths (laundered and ironed)
Napkins (laundered and ironed)Complete Place Setting
 $10 each
$5 each
$135 for 25 settings   $260 for 50 settings
$500 for 100 settings $950 for 200 settings
Settings include:
Dinner Knife
Dinner Fork
Soup Spoon
Dinner Plate
Soup Bowl
Dessert Plate
Water Glass
Serving Spoons
Wine Glass
Dessert Fork
Dessert Spoon
Water/Juice Jugs
Serving Trays
Regular Glasses $0.50/glass

Staffing:                                   0-3 hours                 3-5 hours                 Over 5 hours
Bartender                                $100                        $150                        Additional $25 per staff hour
Waiters                                    $80                          $100
Wash-up Staff                          $75                           $90

There is a 10% service charge for hiring staff through the Centre.


Conference and Reception Area Rates

Conference Room:

Including reception area
Without A/C
With A/C

The rental of conference room also includes the use of:
• Wireless Internet Access
• 80 Chairs
• 10 Tables
• PA System
• Podium
• 1 Microphone
• 2 Easels
Extra Offices:
Office #5 (Secretariat)
The rental of office # 3 also includes: $70.00/day
• 1 Computer with Hi-Speed Internet Access
• 1 Networked Printer
• 2 Phone lines for local calls only
Reception Area Only:
Day time (6:00am – 6:00pm)
Night time (6:00pm – 6:00am) $150.00/hr
The rental of reception area also includes the use of:

• 30 Chairs
• 8 Tables
• PA System w/mixer and 2 Speakers
• 1 Microphone

 Projectors and Screens:
Portable LCD Projector
Projector Screen $10.00/day
TV Monitors $50.00/day

There is a set charge for all events.


 Further information:

• The booking will not be confirmed until we have received the signed contract and 50% of the estimated cost.
• There is a set-up/break-down fee of up to $250.00 for conferences held at the Centre.
• There is an additional charge for any breakage or other damage expenses incurred during the event.


• If you are expecting a crowd of over 150 persons, it is strongly suggested that you write a letter to the Royal Montserrat Police Force and request traffic police to assist with the organizing of parking.


• If a performance is cancelled it is the responsibility of the customer to inform the public.  A cancellation fee of 10% will be taken.