PRIME 2023

The just completed PRIME 2023 – Produced in Montserrat Expo – which ran from July
22 to July 23, 2023 was a success according to feedback received from both vendors
and shoppers alike.

PRIME 2023 is the Government of Montserrat third such event. This event has been
led by the Trade and Infrastructure Division in the Office of the Premier. Ms. Adena
Johnson, the former head of that division has been the ‘driver’ of this initiative for the
last three years.

PRIME 2023 saw some 38 business names registered with displays over 9 industry
areas to include – agro-processed foods; arts, crafts, souvenirs; beverages; candle
manufacturing; health, beauty and wellness; horticulture; clothing/accessories/jewelry;
literary arts and business services.

The PRIME 2023 committee was initially led by Ms. Adena Johnson who saw through
75% of its preparations before leaving to pursue other initiatives. The final committee
included Ms. Venaire Bass who replaced Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Cynthia Dyett, Mrs.
Rosetta West Gerrald, Ms. Sharlene Lindsay, Ms. Cherise Aymer, Ms. Ritchlyn Hackett,
Ms. Sharyn White and Mr. Kenneth ‘Rabo” Silcott.

Winners of PRIME 2023 special awards were: Ms. Juana Osborne of Woven Wick and
Ms. Serina Laird of Ser-Essence Candles for the best packaged and labled products.
Mr. Christopher Gerald of Jaxxxonz Winery won best booth layout and Mr. Ian Gerald of
Island momentos won the Best customer service. Best social engagement was won by
Ms. Kerry Ann Shaw of Sculpt MNI. She won a gift bag from one of our sponsors –
FLOW. Mr. David Lee also won a price from Digicel – another sponsors of PRIME.
Mrs. Sheree Jemmotte Rodney won a 4 night stay at the Chez Mango Villa in Olveston,
sponsored by Dr. Gary Morton of the Chez Mango Villa.

PRIME platinum sponsor was from the Bank of Montserrat Ltd. Gold sponsors were the
Ministry of Finance and from MS Osborne Ltd. Other sponsors from the private sector
included that from BBC Hardware, and LHNet Services

Entertainment for PRIME 2023 included steel pan music from the Local Volpanics Band
led by Mr. Herman ‘Cupid” Francis, dances from the Matrix dance group and from the
Next level dance group. Local music was played throughout both days by Javier

Two fun filled days of colour and fun filled shopping. PRIME 2023.