The 2022 Alliouguana Festival of the Word (AFW) hosted by the Montserrat Arts
Council in collaboration with Golden Media held two of its activities at the Montserrat
Cultural Centre during its week of activities in November 2022. On November 17 th the
AFW held a movie night which introduced a special advanced screening featuring a
Howard Allen film from out of Antigua named Deep Blue. They also presented a
comedy series from out of St. Maarten called the Fab 4 & the Silent Retreat.

The events on November 19 saw the launch of several books. The first was by our
well-known local Arthur Sir Howard Fergus titled ‘Intriguing story’, Deonne Whisky John
discussed her “UMPH-writing stories using box paragraphing’, and Ian Gerald – ‘The
Professionals’ Journals Series’. Royden Silcott from Montserrat launched his first book
from his Cassava Kids Collective called ‘Responsible Rosie’ and Coryn Anaya Clark
from Trinidad also launched her new publication from her Chronicles of Coryn series.
The evening ended with a book party and fun day for the children which included face
painting and book swaps.