Teacher Training “Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilient Education”

February 5 to 7th, 2019


The Montserrat Cultural Centre

The Ministry of Education will be hosting a workshop for both teachers and students at the Montserrat Cultural Centre on the February 5thto the 7th, 2019 aimed at re-designing the way teachers teach and how students learn with a view of promoting a learning culture of safety and resilience within the schools on Montserrat.

The objectives of the teacher and student training workshop includes:-

  • Building  life skills competencies ;
  • Reinforcing and promoting Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilient Education;
  • Promoting and engaging participatory approach on prioritizing of hazards in schools;
  • Enhancing the awareness and the ability to protect oneself and peers.

The focus will be upon the youths as the active subject who should be able to influence his or her own world, rather than adopting a passive approach to resilience and survival