Nurses AssociationAwards Dinner and Banquet

On June 29, 2019 the Nurses Association on Montserrat hosted an Awards Dinner and Banquet at the Montserrat Cultural Centre Auditorium.  The Association used the opportunity to demonstrate its gratitude to a group of nurses on Montserrat who have contributed to the wellbeing and social development of Montserrat over a number of years.

The following nurses were given awards in respect of the following categories: –

For 20 years of service to the profession and for their contribution to the Nurses Association: –

  1. Brenda Daley
  2. Noleen Meade
  3. Lystra Fagan
  4. Shaumen Gray
  5. Jeanette Lee
  6. Paula Pollard

For dedicated service: –

  1. Violet Browne
  2. Christine Layne
  3. Sonique Layne
  4. Mischelle Barnes
  5. Denise Ross
  6. Josephine Okereke

For their valuable support to the Health nursing staff at the Hospital the following persons were given gifts: –

  1. Naomi Farrell
  2. Arlene Ponteen
  3. Grethlyn West
  4. Helen Kirwan
  5. Mark McPhoy.

The Chairperson for the evening was Mrs. Lorraine Nanton.  The Government of Montserrat through Minister Claude Hogan was in high praises for the nurses and the dedicated work they continue to do for the people of Montserrat.