The National Service of Thanksgiving was held on July 20, 2022, in the George Martin Auditorium at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. The Service was held under the theme – ‘Give God his due’. The service of thanksgiving is one in which the Government of Montserrat recognizes the plight of its citizens through the years from the Soufriere Hills Volcanic Eruptions which started in July some 27years ago – acknowledging the lives lost and the devastating impact to the local economy, and being thankful for the progress made on Montserrat since then.

The service was coordinated by the Ministry responsible for Ecclesiastic Affairs – the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Montserrat Christian Council. The Liturgist for the evening was Rev. Gesner Louis-Charles, Chairman of the Montserrat Christian Council. The message was presented by Rev. Kellar McFarlane. The praise and worship session were led by the Church of God Choir. Other special presentations included an instrumental piece by McLoyd White, and a musical item by the Emerald Community Singers.