Six nationals were awarded at the 7 th National Honours and Awards Ceremony on
March 12, 2022, at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. The Order of Merit was
awarded to Mr. William O’Garro and Bishop Kenneth Harewood OBE. The
Order of Distinction awarded to Lady Eudora Fergus and Mr. Sylvester Browne.
The Order of Excellence award went to Dr. Vernie Clarice Barnes and Mr.
Kenneth Allen QC, OBE.

The Hon Premier Mr. Joseph E. Farrell in his opening remarks recognized each of
the awardees contribution to Montserrat’s development and congratulated them on
their achievements.

Entertainment during the evening was provided by Mrs. Mildred Chalmers who
sang the National Song. A steel pan rendition of local songs was wonderfully
performed by Josiah Persaud. The Emerald Shamioles, one of the local cultural
masquerade dance groups, also entertained the audience with some shortened
versions of several their very colourful and engaging dances. The final
entertainment came from Keithroy ‘De Bear” Morson, the reigning calypso king in