Saturday December 12 saw the coming together of the 24 calypsonians to battle for the Calypso Monarch 2020 on Montserrat.  The competition took place at the Montserrat Cultural Centre Auditorium.  Due to the Government’s COVID protocols there were no audience present however the competition was streamed live for persons to watch.  The defending champion is Steve Weekes  the ‘Ice Man’. 

The calypsonians addressed a variety of topics to include – ‘2020’ serious times and the local Agouti and Iguana problems here on Montserrat.  

Ten (10) calypsonians made the final cut at the end of the evening.  They were: – Keithroy ‘De Voice’ Morson, Trevon ‘Ttrevvie’ Pollard, Herman ‘Cupid’ Francis, Delroy ‘Delz’ Joseph, Kelvin ‘Tabu’ Duberry, Stevel ‘D Rod’ Rodney, Baptiste Wallace, Reinford ‘ Kulcha Don” Gibbons, Brian ‘I-Cultural’ Charles and Kenneth ‘Lazor’ Greenaway.