Passing Out Parade of New Recruits – Montserrart Police Force

Five new recruits recently completed their six months training and became fully fledged police officers of the Montserrat Police Force on the 8th November, 2013 at the Passing -Out- Parade held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. The six months training sessions were led by Acting Inspector Julian Wade.  The new officers are – Shamoya Grant, Leon Campbel, Sophia Bruno, Delbert Williams and Junior Turton.

Brief remarks were given by Deputy Commissioner Bradley Siddell on behalf of the Montserrat Police Force.  The feature address  was presented by Magistrate Robert Shuster and a report in respect of the six months training by Acting Inspector Julian Wade.  Awards were presented to the new officers who excelled in specific areas of the training.  Sophia Bruno received the award for the ‘Best Recruit’, and received the Baton of Honour.  She gave the recruits response for the recruits.  The session ended with a drill performed by the new officers ably assisted by former police officer – Philip Mulcare.